TEODOR is a registered trademark of “TEODOR” Ltd. Pleven.
Founded in 2000. TEODOR, manufactures and markets high-quality menswear.
With 25 stores across the country, you can find a complete solution for the modern vision of the contemporary man, combined with comfort and chic.
Despite the increased use of synthetic materials, the TEODOR brand relies on natural materials – wool, linen and cotton.
The company operates mainly in two fashion lines:
– Classic (Classic) – this is a universal fashion line. The garments are made of high quality materials. The silhouette is stylish and elegant.
– Sport (sport) – this is our newest line of contemporary, modern man, which successfully established in the last 3 years. There is no strict formal proposals and you will find clothes which combine the latest fashion trends – current patterns, materials and colors.
TEODOR cares for your daily modern look with style, quality and innovative solutions for a flawless image.
Corporate customers
We are a company with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of uniforms and career apparel to our corporate clients. We have a wide range of fabrics and colors so that we are able to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding clients. We produce male and female work uniforms and formal wear, custom branded with your logo. Our professionals will take care of the overall vision of your employees.

Accepted debit and credit cards: All major credit and debit cards.

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